Pastor  to  People





The  Church  on  the  Move


April 28, 2013



It's hard to believe this is our last Sunday here at this location and I have mixed emotions. I have been your pastor here for eighteen & a half years and there are so many good memories. For some of us you have seen Southside at other locations and if we're doing what we should, this won't be the last stop. But it's time to move on not just to another location but to another higher place in God.

God needs a church on the move. Where The Pastor moves over, the members move up, The Devil and disharmony moves out, so, the Holy Spirit can move in. Then and only then can the church move on. God has called united believers to be a church on the move.

The church on the move must have a mover. The Bible says, that when the Earth was dark and without form the Holy Ghost "moved" upon the face of the water. In other words, there ought to be some movement within the church!

In the Old Testament the Hebrews moved only when a cloud God ordained moved. It was to teach them that on the journey their provision and their guidance and their protection were all dependant on staying with the cloud. One of the most important lessons it taught them was never get too comfortable, Intentionally God would vary the time that they would stay in a place.

God did not tell them when he was going to move, he did not send advance notice because he wanted them to stay in a condition of readiness for change. One of the greatest battles we fight is that of the familiar, Even though something or some place may be dry, desolate, and difficult once we become familiar with it we become comfortable with it. When God gets ready let's move, move, and move!

Pastor Jerry Lemons