Pastor  to  People





While we Dedicate our New Building,

Let's also Re-dedicate our Spiritual One's


June 23, 2013



God's dwelling place on earth is to be regarded as just as holy as God's dwelling place in heaven. There is no value in dedicating a house to the Lord if His presence is not respected..

On the day of dedication we expect the Lord to fill this house with His glory just as He did the tabernacle of Israel. The words which God spoke to Israel are still binding today. "Let them make Me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them." We build a church for God, but by the dedication we give it to God. Then God's people will meet with Him in His own house of worship, which is holy not only on Sunday morning, but every hour of the day, and every day of the week.

Today we dedicate afresh this building to the service of God. We consecrate our sanctuary as a place of worship, songs, prayers and praise. We promise to share God's word more readily and to sing, pray and share in such ways as to energize and deepen our faith.

We re-dedicate ourselves this day to serving the children in our midst. We look forward to years of teaching children about God's love for them and Jesus' priority for little ones.

We pray for the softening of hardened hearts and for reconciliation where there is conflict. We pray for today to mark a new beginning of healing, peace and co-operation.

We covenant anew today, to share the ministry of Jesus with the community around us, that all who cross our paths may know of His unconditional love and healing grace.

We ask God to send spiritual fire & power from above that we will be more than a building, but also a powerful witness as was in the book of Acts. Filled by the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ, we rededicate ourselves to His service!  With God's help, may it be so!


Pastor Jerry Lemons